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A very efficient spray varnish by the Belgian company Ghiant Aerosols for varnishing Lexan (RC car bodies), polycarbonate and related materials.

  • blue color
  • color code: 211
  • capacity: 150 ml.

Cover dry, degreased surfaces free from dust and dirt. For a better effect, apply the varnish in several thin layers from a distance of 20 cm. Before use, mix the contents of the can well. ATTENTION: the contents of the container under high pressure - protect against direct sunlight, do not expose to temperatures above 50 degrees. Do not smoke and avoid materials that generate electrostatic charges during painting. Do not pierce or burn empty containers, do not direct the stream of paint at the flame or hot elements. Do not invert the container while painting. There may be a slight difference in the shade of color between the photo posted on the site and the actual color.

NOTE : the product is highly flammable. Use in a well-ventilated room, keep away from fire sources. Keep away from children !!!.