Welcome to Modelemax.pl

The Max company is a company with tradition, established in 1991 in Jelenia Góra, founded by 3 partners and still operating in an unchanged composition. One of the partners has always been passionate about aerial modeling.

That is why in 2003 we decided to open an online store www.modelemax.pl. Initially, our offer included simple flying sets, materials for building models, tools, etc.

Over time, we started to specialize in professional flying models (airplanes, helicopters, drones) and their equipment. We are currently one of the largest modeling stores in Poland. We supply modellers not only from Poland, but also from Norway, Germany, England, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Why the models?

Model making is one of the most beautiful hobbies, developing children's manual skills, patience, a sense of design and construction, and many other positive features. Unfortunately, in the age of the Internet and computer games, this hobby is in the background.

In the times of the People's Republic of Poland, when there were no computers, model shops were operating in virtually every city and town, attracting enthusiasts. Back then, modellers weren't as good as they are now. A license from the radio inspection was required to purchase a simple Soviet remote control apparatus.

As the modeler obtained such a permit (and it was not easy), he had to be very lucky to purchase such a set at the Scout Storehouse. Sure, there were some advanced RC transmitters available in the west, but their prices were on a par with the few-year-old Fiat 126p. Similarly, materials such as balsa, internal combustion engines, propellers and other model-building accessories were imported from the west, and their price was prohibitive.

Modelers now have a lot easier. The gap existing in the communist era between zloty and hard currency has disappeared, the market is saturated with modeling electronics, models and their equipment, there is a lot of competition, so this hobby is within reach. Many modelers from those years are now returning to this passion.