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High-quality, well-known and most-bought Japanese OS Max engines. They are characterized by: high durability and power in relation to their low weight. A precisely made, perfectly balanced connecting rod with a piston ensures a velvety operation at low and high revs.

Technical data:

  • capacity: 8.93 cm3
  • power: 1.75 hp (16,000 rpm)
  • working range 2,000 - 17,000 rpm
  • weight: 524 g.
  • recommended propeller: 11x6 - 13x6
  • original candle and muffler included

Correct operation and long durability of the engine will be ensured by following a few rules of engine handling and storage.

  1. It is absolutely necessary to protect the engine against dust and sand. Hard and solid particles are the worst enemy of engines that are not protected by an air filter.
  2. Protection against dust and dust also applies to fuel. Always use a filter when refueling and make sure not to leave the fuel container open.
  3. When landing in a contaminated area, thoroughly rinse the carburetor and propeller hub area with methanol or fuel. If debris gets inside the engine, flush the inside of the engine as well.
  4. Do not spin the sanded motor shaft. In this case, the engine must be disassembled.
  5. Do not leave the engine with fuel residues after the season. Such fuel over a long period of time may cause corrosion of engine components. If the engine is not used for more than a month, unscrew the spark plug and flush the engine with kerosene or a special After Run agent.
  6. Do not disassemble the motor or turn the shaft unnecessarily.