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Japanese production Os-Max LC3 glow plug for internal combustion engines.

Technical data:

  • candle type: hot
  • Purpose: cars in 1:10 scale ( dedicated to Traxxas cars )
  • recommended fuel: 5-20% nitromethane content

Definition of candle warmth:

If the engine is working properly on plug A, and after replacing it with plug B, the needle needs to be screwed in to achieve full - equal revolutions (the mixture is lean), it means that plug A is warmer than plug B. Plug B requires additional heat from combustion more lean mixture to obtain the optimum operating temperature.

Correct selection of the spark plug temperature allows you to increase the speed by up to 2000 rpm, the correct adjustment of the mixture composition, which guarantees high power and durability of the engine, and allows you to improve the so-called "transition" when changing revolutions. Too cold a candle causes a power drop and a bad "transition". A too hot plug will cause pre-ignition, engine heating and detonation combustion which can damage the spark plug.

ATTENTION!!! The candle supply voltage should not be higher than 1.4V. Otherwise, the candle will be destroyed (burned). In the case of powering the candle from a battery with a higher voltage (e.g. 2V), an additional resistor or resistance wires should be used to lower the voltage.