Balsa - super light
BALSA  6*100*1070MM.SPEC.120G

BALSA 6 * 100 * 1070MM 120G SUPER LIGHT

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Balsa board selected for the construction of flying models.

  • thickness: 6 mm
  • size: 100x1070 mm
  • class: special
  • weight: up to 120g / dm3

Do you know that:

Balsa (Ochroma lagopus) is a tree species from the subfamily woolly (lighter than cork) found in the forests of South and Central America, as well as in the Antilles and Ceylon. The tree grows up to 15 meters, the leaves are egg-heart-shaped and the flowers are pollinated by bats! Depending on the place (trunk cross-section), the hardness varies, the closer to the center, the softer it is. It was used as a filling or insulation material in the construction of houses (of course in America). It was also used to build gliders and airplanes. The famous British WWII Mosquito was largely made of sandwich composites with the use of balsa.